Bakery Eunice

Polish bakery

Bread, cakes, and other baked goods are something that everyone likes. But good bread is increasingly hard to come by. Luckily, there's a company you can trust to always deliver amazing baked goods - Eunice Artisan Bakery. At Eunice, all products are made using only the finest ingredients, and every piece is handled with great care and attention. Get the best Polish bread here!

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We excel in:

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  • wheat-rye bread
  • wheat–rye bread with poppyseeds
  • bread with sesameseeds
  • organic rye bread
  • occasional Bread
  • seeds roll
  • baguette
  • cheese doughnut
  • pastry
  • birthday cake
  • tart
  • cookies

Company contact details

Stukeley Road

Unit 15 and 15A



PE29 6HQ

Phone: 079 2185 5926

E-mail: [javascript protected email address]